Is my machinery fully insured in case it is damaged?

All of our contracted carriers that are in our system must have at least $100,000 of cargo insurance. Our company also has an umbrella policy for $250,000 cargo insurance. If your machine has a higher value, we will purchase additional single trip insurance up to the value of your machinery from our insurance provider.
We are required to have a $75,000 cash bond on file which can be used to reimburse you for damages caused when fault cannot be determined.
All of our carriers must maintain a good safety rating in our system or we are not authorized to retain their services. Our claim ratio is very low as we rarely have claims.

Who and how do I pay for my shipping cost?

You pay our company, Streamline, LLC. We hire the carrier under contract with all the proper credentials on file, and you hire Streamline, LLC as your broker helping you transport your equipment with most highly qualified carriers that are available.
We accept credit cards (add 3.5% fee), wired funds, and both personal and business checks. The easiest way to pay that involves no extra fee to pay is by writing out a check in full to Streamline, LLC and make a copy of it, the email or fax it to us. It will be processed as an ACH Draft using the numbers on the bottom of check. We then provide you a confirmation that it has been processed. NO NEED TO MAIL IT.

When do I need to make the payment for my shipment?

Payment is required when it has been verified that you equipment is loaded and rolling toward the destination, unless prior arrangements have been made. If you become a regular shipper, we do provide net 30 terms if you fill out our credit application and qualify for a credit line.

Can I track the progress of the carrier so that I am aware of the estimated time of arrival?

You will be provided with the driver or dispatchers name and number. You may communicate directly so that you can direct him to your place of delivery when truck is in the area. All drivers and dispatchers are asked to call you in advance for directions and ETA. We will gladly communicate with driver or dispatcher when require assistance.